South Carolina Democratic Congressional Candidate’s “America’s Most Wanted” Ex-Husband: Robert Walker Legare

elizcolbertbuschSouth Carolina’s First Congressional District is losing Republican Tim Scott to the United States Senate. He is currently America’s only African-American Senator and South Carolina is now the only state represented by two unmarried Senators. However, that is the least of the state’s unique political landscape.

Famed comedian Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, is entering the race as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Patch‘s Shawn Drury broke the story of Colbert-Busch’s entrance into the race. In that article he links to her professional biography [Google Doc], but doesn’t list her previous husband’s name. That’s typical, however in a piece originally posted in February of 2010, which read like a Lifetime movie, the Post-Courier mentioned an objectively newsworthy item. Her first husband was on “America’s Most Wanted.” It too though, chose not to mention his name. There appears to be a pattern of the non-mention of Colbert-Busch’s ex-husband.

One naturally turns to Google and following a series of searches to find out more about this candidate, her roots, and what we could look forward to out of this special election.

Her children, Robert Walker Legare Jr., Mary Legare Middleton, and Catherine Ann Legare held the answer. Robert’s a Junior!

Robert Walker Legare Jr. is the son of Robert Walker Legare, who was the defendant in a case involving the collections agency, Cach LLC.

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The case continues [PDF]. However, the charges were later dismissed.

Back to the Senior. According to the News and Courier, he is the son of the late Captain and Mrs. Rupert Walker Legare Jr. and brother to Carol Legare Mozingo.

In Capt. Legare Jr.’s 2006 obituary, it states that Robert Legare now lives with his wife Claire of Surf City, North Carolina. When we researched into their marriage, we learned in a campaign finance report that Legare had donated to Democratic candidate Mike McIntyre for Congress in 2008. Looks like he agrees with his ex-wife on at least one thing?

Everyone has a past, everyone, though in most professions those regrets won’t make a difference. Politics happens to be an exception and in the bare-nuckle political state that is South Carolina, it’s best to be honest with voters at the outset. You need only to look at a certain Republican vying for the same seat - former Governor Mark Sanford. And we all know his past.

Still cannot find why Legare was featured on America’s Most Wanted. But we’ll be looking.

On final note, a picture for Robert Legare cannot be found… yet. This isn’t the last time a news organization will dig to find out who Legare is; it is odd though that it was the first. It’s newsworthy after all.


Lauren Luxenburg also contributed to this post.

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2 Responses to “South Carolina Democratic Congressional Candidate’s “America’s Most Wanted” Ex-Husband: Robert Walker Legare”

  1. Aaron Burgien
    January 21, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    If you had dug a little further, you would have found that the Robert Legare you found that case for is, in fact, the wrong Robert Legare….just saying there is more than one Robert Legare.

  2. Robert W. Legare
    January 26, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    Wrong Robert W. Legare, please verify your facts with the Overcash Law Firm and remove your erroneous posting. Thanks