Three Reasons I’m Glad Hockey Is Back

 1. The Patriots

I know what you’re thinking, “football?” Yes, football. Week 12 of the 1998 season Drew Bledsoe put on a heroic display of football that young lads, like myself, could only dream of — Broken finger, 423 yards passing, and a game winning touchdown in the last minute. There was something pure. Now we have “Spygate” and a football league turning more into cupcake entertainment and less about raw athleticism and brute strength. Hockey is the clean-cut kid that’s pure and sleek on the outside, but will pop you in the mouth when it’s game time.


2. The Fight

A simple drop of the stick and gloves and it’s on. A brief but intense scrap between enemies. This moment of arm wailing, fist throwing action can be a pivotal change in momentum, and turn a sleeping crowd into madhouse of fanatics. It’s not just standing toe to toe that makes the fight. It’s the rich history of rivalries, the nonstop energy as players glide across a sheet of ice, grinding out pucks in the corner, and open ice hits.


3. Anyone’s Game

If you’re wondering about sports injuries just ask any professional hockey player. From broken bones and torn ligaments - to lacerations and concussions. Players are constantly seeking treatment and preventative care to make it through the long ruthless season. With the lockout and missing 4 months of play, players are healthier than ever during the month of January. Teams have minimal worry about loosing their most talented players to the grind of the normal regular season.

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