Alternative Fashion: Susanna Boots by Chloé

See these boots? All the high-fashion boutiques have them in stock since they rocked the Chloé runway.  Of course all the brands have their price. The more people want them, the more expensive they get. The price tag is… $1300 to $1700 depending on material used for the particular model. I don’t think anyone would be happy to spend all that paper on one pair of ankle boots, so I flipped trough all the websites and found cheaper aternatives for fashionistas on a budget.

Forever 21 - $39,80 | Wanted - $54,95 | Nasty Gal - $205 | Asos - $149,09 | Vince Camuto - $197,95 | Steve Madden - $210,48 | Topshop - $180

Original Chloes - Red | Black | Python

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