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16 of the Most Awkward Prom Photos

It’s that time of year again. High school students throughout the country are renting their tuxes, picking out fancy dresses, and buying their prom tickets. But we all know the most important part of prom is the photo op. After all, we all want to make sure we have pictures remember that special night for the rest of our lives.

Pandora Reaches 200 Million Listeners

Since starting in 2005, Pandora has become a part of daily life for many of us. I mean their average user only streams around 20 hours of music a month. No big deal really. In fact, according to Pandora, we stream more than 200 million songs every day, before 10 a.m.. For those of you that are bad at math, that equals around 8,000 songs per second! So while Pandora […]

YouTube Star Nigahiga Predicts Next Youtube Trend

YouTube Star Nigahiga, almost a household name these days due to his overwhelming YouTube success over the last several years, has predicted the next viral video trend, claiming, “it’s just a simple math equation.” Is it really? The reaction is overwhelming. You can check out the rest of his videos here.

Psy Shows Us How A Real Gentleman Acts

Psy does it again. After taking the international spot light with his hit song Gangnam Style, which received more than 1.5 billion views, we all wondered what would be next for the singer. Last week, Psy released his new video for the song Gentlemen which has already received almost 125 million views! The video features Psy channeling his inner gentleman as he pulls pranks on the ladies in the video. You can also check out YouTube […]

VIDEO: Twerksanity a Workout for the Masses

Be a part of the newest exercise crazy that’s hitting the United States, twerksanity! Check out TimothyDeLaGhetto2′s latest video about the twerking craze sweeping America. Miley Cyrus even got involved in the craze earlier last month releasing a video of herself twerking to the Wop by J-Dash. Okay so maybe not everyone should be allowed to twerk.