For the Starbucks-Addicted Apple Fanboy Who Has Everything… (UPDATED)

Ever wished that you could text your friends about how awesome that new underground band you just heard playing at the local Starbucks is, but couldn’t because you’d just ordered a fair-trade triple-skinny venti mocha with raw sugar, and only had one free hand in which to hold your phone?

No? That’s not a problem that you, or any reasonable person you could imagine, have? Well, no matter, there’s a solution for that First World Problem that no one can think of ever actually having: enter Dutch marketing agency Natwerk’s iPhone Coffee Holder, an iPhone case that, for the unconventionally underground cost for $45, will allow you to show off how you liked carrying coffee while you text your bff Jill before everyone else liked carrying coffee while texting their bff Jill.

Scruffy beard, disheveled hoodie, and pretentious superiority complexes not included.

UPDATE: Alleged producer of the iPhone Coffee Holder Natwerk has since revealed that this was a hoax product, a trick for which pretty much everyone fell, including the Los Angeles Times and various online gadget publications. Well played, Dutchmen. Well played.


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