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With a lot of my friends getting either an iPhone or an iPad, or sometimes both, I have had a lot of people asking what my top 10 apps are for the iPhone or iPad. However, I have several that are great for iPhone, not so much on iPad… or vice versa, so I’ve decided to pick the 10 best apps that work on both iPhone and iPad. (These apps will have the ‘+’ in the top right corner of the price in the App Store. This simply means that there are modifications/enhancements to make the iPad app fill the whole screen, rather than only being in 1x mode)

These are in no particular order: (hyperlinks point to iTunes info)

1. 1Password Pro: ($14.99) This application is absolutely a must have for your iPhone/iPad/Mac. It allows you to save all your other accounts, identity information, banking, personal, social media passwords, etc. under ‘One Password’. I just downloaded this application yesterday, and I have to be honest… It has changed my life. Not having to remember what password for what account has been a lifesaver. It’s a bit pricy, but worth every cent.

2. TweetBot for iOS ($2.99) is by far the best Twitter client EVER in existence for the iOS platform. It has every single functionality you could possibly want in a Twitter application. Particularly, my favorite features are the Storify integration, ability to ReTweet with other twitter accounts from  your ‘main account’ page (by just pressing and holding the RT button, your other accounts pull up), and the ability for it to sync with iCloud across your iPhone and iPad, and soon your Mac. Seriously, go buy this app right NOW!

3. Beejive IM: ($9.99) This client is great for keeping all your instant messaging applications under one application. I’ve used Beejive since it came out for iOS nearly three years ago, and it has been outstanding. The developers are rock stars, their tech support is one of a kind and it’s an over all great application. You can setup MSN, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, etc., accounts and use them all with this application rather than downloading separate ones for each account, reducing clutter and saving battery life. The less applications sending push notifications to you, the better your battery life per charge.

4. TuneIn Radio: ($.99) This is a great application! It allows you to search your favorite talk radio hosts, music genera and save it. You can then ‘tune in’ to any station playing that song/talk show in the United States at any time! This app is a steal for less than $1! No matter what time of day, you’re sure to hear Rush, Glenn, or Mark Levin somewhere in the US.

5. Evernote: (FREE) This is by far one of my ‘must have’ applications. If you need to save, sync, share several different notes, attachments, recordings, etc. for projects and such, this is the application for you! It’s an incredible application.

6. PagesKeynoteNumbers, (iWork Suite for iOS): ($9.99/each) These are just fantastic! Pages is the most powerful word processor for the iOS platform, Keynote the most powerful presentation application, and numbers for the spreadsheet. These are must haves if you’re always on the go. I use Keynote to run my presentations when I speak, all you have to do is purchase the iPhone/iPad to VGA adapter from Apple, and running presentations through a projector is the easiest thing ever. I love it. Especially if you download the Keynote Remote ($.99) from the app store so you can use your iPhone as a remote to control your presentation being run off your iPad via WiFi or Bluetooth! Such an awesome system, especially if you’re on the road.

7. Feeddler RSS Reader Pro: ($4.99) this is the best unilateral iOS RSS feed reader I’ve used yet. It allows for Facebook, Instapaper, Read It Later, and Twitter integration to share articles from your feeds with your network. It’s a simple platform, and easy to understand.

8. Kayak: (FREE) This is an outstanding application for when you need to search flights from several different airlines. It searches for the most inexpensive flight to your destination. It also gives you the ability to set up ‘Price Alerts’ so you get a notification when a trip/airline ticket gets to a comfortable price range for you. It also gives you the ability to email/share certain searches, flights, etc with friends via email. Great application, and it’s free!

9. Kindle for iOS: (FREE) Yes, you need to have an Amazon eBook app on your iOS device. Currently, Apple doesn’t have as many book options for their iBookstore as the Kindle does, therefore, it’s necessary to have this on your device just in case the iBookstore doesn’t have a book you need. I’ve particularly found this useful for college text books.

10. Hulu+Netflix: (App is FREE, Subscriptions needed) If you’re Netflix/Hulu+ subscribers, this is a no-brainer. You can use your subscriptions to these services to watch content on your iOS device.

These are easily my top ten applications that work both on iPad and iPhone. In a later post, I’ll be sure to feature iPhone only and iPad only applications that I prefer, but for now I’d rather give newbies a bigger bang for their buck on the front end of their iOS experience. Something else to consider when downloading applications: you get what you pay for. If you choose to download a free Twitter client (aside from the Twitter for iPhone/iPad) chances are there will be annoying advertisements in it. (Twitterific comes to mind). These are by design to either A) Make the developer money by the ads being shown on their application, or B) Getting you so pissed off you buy their paid version of the application because you just want the ads to stop. Take my advice, buy the application and save yourself the frustration.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter!

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  1. June 25, 2012  4:51 pm by John Dennis Pedrie Reply

    I use 1Password for Mac and Windows. It's amazing.

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