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Calling the Taste Police: Toronto Fan Mocks 'Boston Strong'

Hey Toronto Maple Leafs fan with that questionable sign: remember that brief moment of clarity when you turned to your buddies and said, “Gee I don’t know guys - is it too soon?” Oh you don’t remember that? Well here - let ViralRead help out, in case you find yourself at game four with the same lack of discretion: It is, indeed, too soon.

Bruins, Red Sox Games Postponed as Manhunt Continues

Boston’s NHL and MLB franchises have been affected by the on-going manhunt for the second alleged bomber in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. ESPN.com is reporting that the Boston Bruins game versus the Pittsburgh Penguins at home ice TD Garden might now be played on Saturday at 12:30p.m. But the Red Sox have not announced a makeup date for their game against the Kansas City Royals, what was supposed to be […]

Puck This! Sidney Crosby Eats 90 MPH Slapshot

Pittsburgh Penguins’ star Sidney Crosby took a stray 90-mile an hour hockey puck to the face, breaking his jaw and knocking out several teeth. Crosby was on pace to score a career-high 128 points this season, and is arguably the best player in the NHL, leading the league in scoring. The NHL playoffs begin April 30th, but Crosby is likely to miss the rest of the season. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a […]

Three Reasons I'm Glad Hockey Is Back

 1. The Patriots I know what you’re thinking, “football?” Yes, football. Week 12 of the 1998 season Drew Bledsoe put on a heroic display of football that young lads, like myself, could only dream of — Broken finger, 423 yards passing, and a game winning touchdown in the last minute. There was something pure. Now we have “Spygate” and a football league turning more into cupcake entertainment and less about […]