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3 Fallacies of Social Farting

Canada’s comparison of “Social Smoking” to “Social Farting” has some falsehoods, and here they are. 1. No woman in the history of mankind has ever, nor will ever, pick up a guy by farting. No matter how hot she is. (See point #3 for more info) 2. No matter how much you fart it will not give you cancer (this maybe debatable). It is however, a good way to burn some […]

Three Reasons I'm Glad Hockey Is Back

 1. The Patriots I know what you’re thinking, “football?” Yes, football. Week 12 of the 1998 season Drew Bledsoe put on a heroic display of football that young lads, like myself, could only dream of — Broken finger, 423 yards passing, and a game winning touchdown in the last minute. There was something pure. Now we have “Spygate” and a football league turning more into cupcake entertainment and less about […]