Press MIA on Elizabeth Colbert-Busch’s Ex-husband: Robert Walker Legare

Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, is making a run for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional seat, a seat vacated by now Senator Tim Scott, who took over the Senate seat once held by Jim DeMint, who abruptly retired to become president of the conservative think-tank, the Heritage Foundation.

There’s a joke somewhere in here: sister of famous comedian who directs a well-known Super PAC once was married to a man on the show America’s Most Wanted. Still trying to find it though.

The Post-Courier (a link to the definitive bio), The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, heck even Fox News and Wikipedia won’t say who Colbert-Busch’s first husband was. Favorable press treatment already. Must be good to be a Colbert.

After researching for some time, Viral Read found him: Robert Walker Legare. Why is her PR operations and the press hiding this guy?


We’re going to dig further into all this…

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