Another MA Politician Says No to Senate Bid

Richard TiseiFormer Massachusetts state Senate minority leader Richard Tisei has announced that he will not enter the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. John Kerry, according to the Salem Patch this morning.

Tisei’s name was tossed around heavily following Scott Brown’s announcement on Friday.  He is a longtime veteran of Massachusetts politics, having served in the state legislature for more than two decades, and run statewide with gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker in 2010.  Tisei also challenged incumbent Democratic Congressman John Tierney in 2012, gaining strong support in a key area of the state but ultimately losing the race.  Had he won, Tisei would have been the only openly gay Republican in Congress.

In his statement, Tisei expressed a desire to see a Republican challenge the two Democrats already declared as candidates in the Senate race.  ”I believe it’s imperative that the Republican party put forward a strong candidate who can help bring much-needed change to Washington. Unfortunately, the timing is simply not right for me to do so – deeply as I feel about the need to strongly compete in this election.”

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