Tostabags: Grilled Cheese Made Even Easier

While doing my weekly grocery shopping, I noticed a curious product: tostabags. Tostabags allow the user to create grilled cheese sandwiches using a normal toaster or toaster oven instead of a stove. Being the lazy grilled-cheese loving college student that I am, I naturally was intrigued by a product that purported to make an already-easy meal that much easier. Plus, the grilled cheese on the box looked divine. I purchased the twin pack, and returned to my dorm room, ready to test out the tostabag.

How could someone ignore that perfect-looking grilled cheese sandwich?

Now, on to the actual cooking process with the tostabag:

1. Step one: gather ingredients. I used bread, two slices of American cheese, and a little bit of butter.

Bread, cheese, butter.

2. Wash out tostabag, and insert the ingredients.

The tostabag: this is where the magic happens.

3. Place tostabag into the toaster. I found that my grilled cheese wasn’t done after three minutes, and was a little burnt at around four and a half minutes, so keep an eye on it. Due to the size of the bread, I had to turn the sandwich sideways and insert it into the toaster.

The tostabag nestled in my toaster.

4. Slice and enjoy.

Ta da! The finished product.

Granted, it’s not the beautiful sandwich pictured on the box, but that’s mostly my own fault for leaving it in the toaster for too long. I appreciated the nice char lines that the toaster gave the bread, and it tasted fine. Tostabags are reusable up to 50 times, and I’ll definitely use it again. It was easy to use and easy to clean up. I was genuinely surprised by both the quality of the grilled cheese and the fact that my roommate’s toaster did not catch on fire.

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