CNN: The World Wants A More Liberal, Progressive Church (VIDEO)

Moments after white smoke appeared above the Vatican and the world celebrated in jubilation at the imminent announcement of a new Pope, CNN took to the crowd to get reactions.

Somehow CNN’s Miguel Marquez “found” three activists, complete with “Ordained Women” buttons, to inject their controversial views into the celebration. Initially Marquez asked about the women’s excitement at being there for the announcement, but the women representing the Women’s Ordination Conference and, made it clear they were there to push their agenda.

Amazingly, Marquez then made the following claim:

“We have heard this across the U.S and around the world certainly, that people do want and hope for a more open, transparent, liberal, progressive church.”

This prompted one of the activist to declare, “I believe in miracles! We have been told, if it’s a fast election, it will probably be someone more conservative and not in line with reform, but that’s something the Church desperately needs.”


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  1. March 13, 2013  8:11 pm by benning Reply

    Somehow I doubt the "World" gives a rat's patootie. But the Leftists certainly do!

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