Whoops! Slovakian Cyclist in a ‘Pinch’

Peter Sagan, a Slovakian cyclist from Belgium, was roundly criticized for embarrassing the sport and his country last Sunday while receiving second place honors in the Tour of Flanders.

No - it wasn’t a Lance Armstrong-level offense, but it was tasteless, nonetheless, when he decided to reach over and grab a handful of “podium girl” Maya’s backside as she planted a congratulatory kiss on the cheek of Tour winner, Fabian Cancellara.

The moment was immortalized in the above photo and quickly went viral, prompting scorn worldwide. Though it wasn’t on Oprah’s couch, Sagan immediately took to the camera-confessional and issued an apology:

Well at least this cyclist wasn’t focused on a posterior with the intention of administering a syringe-full of HGH…

h/t Yahoo! Sports

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