Has Certificate Authority Issues

bingcertFor many people trying to log into Bing from Google’s Chrome Browser today, it appeared to them as if the site had been down or was compromised due to the nature of the standard error that they would have received asking them if they chose to or not to trust the site they were about to enter.

I could imagine how disconcerting this may have seemed to regular users of the competing search giant to Google but the problem stems from certificate authority being recognized by the browser when you as the user try to access a site in a secure fashion and does not appear to be an attempted hack of the site as others have claimed.

This happens on occasion when sites change or update their Certificates but I’ve never seen this occur at a large enough company like Microsoft but it’s important when seeing these kind of warnings and messages to understand the nature of the warning and not simply think that a site, even one as large and well funded as Bing, was somehow compromised.