Attack on Star Wars Day: #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Background note: Today is Star Wars Day, in which Star Wars fan across the globe celebrate the greatest film franchise of all time. Today was designated to be Star Wars Day because “May the 4th” is very similar to “May the Force.”

The Empire has struck again. This time they’re desperately trying to destroy Star Wars Day and all its Rebel ties. Will Star Wars Day continue to be a fun-filled tradition, or will the Empire succeed in destroying it with their Death Star-sized viral campaign? Check out the attack ad and decide for yourself.

The official slogan for Star Wars Day is “May the Fourth be with you,” and it has now become a trending hashtag. If this is any indication, maybe the Rebel Alliance will be able to stave off the Empire’s attacks.

To keep the fun going, check out our other Star Wars posts. May your Star Wars Day be filled with fun, excitement, droids, and lightsabers. And #MayThe4thBeWithYou, always.


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