A Plea to Speaker John Boehner

Speaker Boehner, America is standing on a stool with a noose around her neck. And Obama is kicking the stool. For the next two years, you’re the only man who can stop him. We have to spend less. This is not an abstract concept. This is not a political statement. This isn’t last time. This is math. [...]

Election Night: Follow These Experts on Twitter

Want to “know before you know” and avoid the added stress of listening to TV pundits. Relying on cable networks and cable will cause you undue stress as they go through raw counts of votes. These experts are watching margins, counties, and early indicators of the outcome. @Ali @PatrickRuffini @Adrian_Gray @Flynn1776 @MelissaTweets @AriFleischer @rsmccain @soredayton [...]

TSA Running the DNC

If you’re a convention delegate, guest, hell maybe even a member of the media or President Obama’s Finance team, it’s you are going through the 4th street entrance to enter the Time Warner Arena. Attendees are then forced to take their credentials from the protective pastic sleeve twice, causing many to tear the top hole [...]

What was in Soledad O’Brien’s Notes Tonight? Ask her.

Wonder what she was reading tonight…   You can ask her: “.@Soledad_OBrien can you share with us, your audience, what print-outs you had on Friday’s show? Curious. h/t @viralread” Journalists don’t usually mind citing their material. I’m sure she won’t respond though. Also, we still want to know, “.@Soledad_OBrien WHO sent you the EMAIL with [...]

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