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Shocker: PolitiFact’s “2012 Lie of the Year” Actually True

In December 2012, the self-appointed fact-checkers at PolitiFact, which even left-wing pundits at MSNBC have termed “a zombie, eating our national brains,” poo-pooed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign claim that government-owned car manufacturer Chrysler was planning on adding production plants in China instead of focusing on expanding its Ohio-based Jeep production plants – and [...]

[UPDATED] Possible Union Official Who Sucker Punched Steven Crowder Owes $6,500 in Charges

Editor’s Note: Tony Cummings was not the man who punched conservative comedian Steven Crowder.   UPDATE: Another Tony Cummings was discovered who had an arrest date similar to that discussed in this post.   @Llondo is also claiming to have discovered who the man was (but didn’t release the information publicly), and has tweeted that the man’s name [...]

BREAKING: Aaron Walker Files Motion to Stay Brett Kimberlin Peace Order

Aaron Walker, with his attorney Mr. Bours, have filed a motion to partially stay the Peace Order filed against him for blogging and tweeting about Brett Kimberlin. Mr. Bours argues at one point in the motion that Judge Cornelius Vaughey ”disregarded by name controlling supreme court precedent on what constitutes incitement.” The motion cites Judge Vaughey’s [...]