Shocker: PolitiFact’s “2012 Lie of the Year” Actually True

In December 2012, the self-appointed fact-checkers at PolitiFact, which even left-wing pundits at MSNBC have termed “a zombie, eating our national brains,” poo-pooed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign claim that government-owned car manufacturer Chrysler was planning on adding production plants in China instead of focusing on expanding its Ohio-based Jeep production plants – and the blue-collar manufacturing jobs that keep those plants open and in business – to China, calling it “the lie of the year.”

Ironically, the campaign claim that the unbiased media “fact-checkers” called a lie turns out to be totally correct. According to Reuters, Chrysler’s owner, the Italian carmaker company Fiat, is signing an agreement with Chinese-based Guangzhou Automobile Group, and will go public with the details of the agreement this week.

PolitiFact – in full defend-Obama mode – twisted remarks that “Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China” to mean that existing production would be done in China, and not America, as Bloomberg News reported in October. Chrysler spokesmen denied the claim made by Bloomberg News, and the “fact-checkers” declared that to be that.

Amazingly, PolitiFact overlooked the Obama campaign’s claims that Romney was a felon, that Romney is responsible for the death of a woman he never knew, or that Romney hated dogs, calling the claim that Chrysler was investing more heavily in Chinese plants than in American ones “brazenly false.” If “brazenly false” means “gets proven to be correct later,” then yes, that’s an accurate description!

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