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Kit Kat Partners With Android, Already Taking Shots At Apple

Google is keeping its tradition of naming Android updates after sweet, delicious desserts - but the newest entry is going name-brand.  Your next Android update shall be named Kit-Kat. No money is changing hands between companies in the cross-promotion, but there will be a limited number of robot-shaped Kit-Kat bars.  And Kit-Kat has already made this video, with a few apparent swipes at Apple: ReactionLOL (1) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) […]

Video: Facebook Launches 'Facebook Home'

Facebook recently launched Facebook Home, which replaces the traditional smartphone home screen with what is basically your timeline - so, yes, you can stalk people in an easier-than-ever-before way. Another cool feature is the ability to have chat conversations even when you’re using other apps - so, yes, you can chat with your friends while watching a movie. The launch video below shows off some of the features of Facebook Home, while also being relatively funny.

Hilarious Reviews For 'Samsung Push Service' Appear In Google Play

We’ve all read funny reviews for real products. But have you ever read thousands of fake reviews that don’t even relate to the actual product?

Introducing Samsung Push Service! We applaud the thousands of users who were creative enough to come up with absolutely appalling/fascinating reviews that make little to no sense whatsoever.

REPORT: Microsoft Surface to be Wi-Fi only, no 3G or 4G LTE connectivity option

Yes, it seems as though the newly released Microsoft tablet known as the ‘Surface’ is going the way of Windows Millennium, and Vista… behind the times. Bloomberg received word that the new Microsoft product will be Wi-Fi only, and will not offer any connectivity ability for 3G or even 4G LTE networks on any carriers at this time. Why won’t Microsoft add wireless data connectivity? A few reasons: To keep […]