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Kit Kat Partners With Android, Already Taking Shots At Apple

Google is keeping its tradition of naming Android updates after sweet, delicious desserts - but the newest entry is going name-brand.  Your next Android update shall be named Kit-Kat. No money is changing hands between companies in the cross-promotion, but there will be a limited number of robot-shaped Kit-Kat bars.  And Kit-Kat has already made this video, with a few apparent swipes at Apple: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKOrkLxOBoY] ReactionLOL (1) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) […]

Introducing the Most Useful Mobile App of All Time: Pizza Compass

Everyone knows that pizza is the best food of all time, so it stands to reason that an app to find you pizza nearby would likewise be in the running for best app of all time. And thankfully, a worthy standard bearer has appeared. Pizza Compass is a 99-cent app for Apple iOS devices that has one important purpose: To find and direct you to pizza.   As Mashable reports, […]