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EGYPT: After Morsi's Ouster, Divisions Emerge Among Opposition

Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour met with political, military and judiciary representatives on Saturday to discuss the implementation of an interim government until a new constitution is drafted and elections are held in the wake of Wednesday’s ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi. A spokesman for Mansour’s office also denied rumors that secular opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei had been sworn in as interim Prime Minister, a position set in place […]

As President Obama (Finally) Rounds Out Cabinet, Top Posts Remain Empty Throughout Administration

  President Obama began this week by tapping Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx to head the Department of Transportation and ended it by nominating major campaign donor Penny Pritzker for Secretary of Commerce. While both nominees pose potential problems- Foxx has a rocky history with contracts and the Pritzker family’s hotel chain has been accused of abusing employees- the biggest narrative to emerge out of the week’s nominations has focused on […]

John Kerry Compares Boston Victims to Pro-Palestinian Flotilla Victims

At a press conference in Istanbul, Secretary of State John Kerry compared the Boston bombing victims to the pro-Palestinian Turkish activists killed by Israeli Defense Forces during the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident. Blogger Carl in Jerusalem, a Boston native, writing for Israel Matzav might have said it best comparing 8 year old Martin Richard to the those aboard the Pro-Palestinian flotilla.

For John Kerry, Women’s Hockey Proves To Be Good For Something

In his first foreign policy victory as Secretary of State, John Kerry won a case of Molson Canadian lager from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. John Kerry had bet a case of Sam Adams. The two made a bet over who would win the women’s world hockey championship (yup, there’s a women’s world hockey championship). No word on whether Kerry will share the beer with Amanda Kessel who scored the […]

Scott Brown Will Not Seek US Senate Seat

The Washington Post is reporting the former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will not run in the special election to replace senior Senator John Kerry who was confirmed by the Senate earlier this week to be President Obama’s next Secretary of State. With this proclamation, the Democratic party’s grips on the state of Massachusetts is likely to get tigheter with both longtime, Democratic Rep. Ed Markey and fellow Democratic Rep. Stephen […]