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Guess Who's Gonna Kiss and Make Up?

For the first time in over thirty years an Iranian head of state has visited Cairo to re-kindle a consanguinity between the two countries. Egypt announced Tuesday that it had financially fallen below its ability to cover three months’ imports in its foreign reserves. Egyptian president, Muhammad Morsi, received Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, amid much fanfare, and the Iranian leader came bearing promises of a sizable loan and a plea […]

Supposed Blast At Iranian Nuclear Facility

Who’s lying? The latest kerfuffle going on between Iran and Israel is over a supposed blast at one of Iran’s top “peaceful” nuclear sites, the Fordo nuclear enrichment facility. Considering that Fordo is under 300 feet of rock and is out of the reach of bunker bombs and air strikes, it’s known for being more impregnable than even Ahmadinejad’s personal goat. The blast is said to have occurred last week, […]