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Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Commits Suicide in Prison

The man who held three women hostage for years in his Cleveland home has committed suicide in prison, officials said Tuesday. Ariel Castro, 53, “was found hanging in his cell around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient,” the Associated Press reported. “Prison medical staff performed CPR before Castro was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.” Castro was arrested in May after three women […]

14 Weirdest Named US Cities

You might want to go visit some of these places if you are in the area! Then you can take pictures, put them on Facebook, and all your friends will think you’re really cool! They’ll also think you’re a weirdo. 14. Unalaska, Alaska 13. Possum Grape, Arkansas 12. Intercourse, Pennsylvania 11. Mexican Hat, Utah 10. Nowthen, Minnesota 9. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 8. Whynot, North Carolina 7. Knockemstiff, Ohio 6. Half.com, Oregon […]

Kill Phil: Movement Begins To Indict Punxsutawney Phil For Faulty Forecast

Punxsutawney Phil called it wrong, and now the humans are angry. With the forecast of yet another winter storm on the way for the East Coast (called Virgil), the calls for the fat brown creature to be literally axed have grown serious. Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser was apparently so enraged by this year’s lengthy winter that he issued an indictment against Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog who just a few months […]

#CPAC2013: 10 Conservatives Under 40

“Young conservatives in this country are ready to take the reigns.” Georgia State Representative Michael Caldwell was on CPAC’s “10 Conservatives Under 40″ panel at this year’s gathering.  The quote above echoes what most of the participants shared throughout the panel:  Young conservatives are eager to jump in and make a huge impact on the party and its outreaches. While the panel was intended for people aged 40 and under, […]

Woman Who Sued Kobe Bryant Jumping Into Politics

A woman who sued Kobe Bryant for purportedly proposing to her and reneging on his proposal is now making the jump to the political world in Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Selina Miller, who has filed a number of frivolous lawsuits including claims directed at Kobe Bryant and Denzel Washington, is running for Columbus City School Board. Columbus City Schools constitute one of the largest districts in Ohio, […]

OH Gov. Kasich: "I don't know if [Obamacare Medicaid expansion] will be workable at the end of the day"

Today, Ohio Gov. John Kasich moved his state into the column with those of four other Republican governors, by accepting additional federal dollars for Medicaid under Obamacare. Although some stories on Kasich’s decision highlight his praise of White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, there was another, crucial part of their conversation: Specifically, Kasich said the White House indicated it would consider proposals from Ohio that would put fewer people into […]

Obama's Bad News in the Final Columbus Dispatch Poll

CINCINNATI, OHIO– “Within the margin of error,” is a phrase that David Axelrod didn’t want to wake up to this morning, although he knows what to do: Obama’s senior advisor will tout the 50-48 result in the D+4 poll and proudly pronounce that the fundamentals of the Democrat narrative are still intact. Despite Axelrod’s spin, however, what’s been dubbed the “Obama firewall” or “Ohio firewall” looks like it’s in danger. […]

Ohio Math: Numbers Equal Trouble for Democrats

Democrats have much to fear when it comes to the math of the horserace for Ohio’s crucial 18 electoral votes. With two trips to Ohio under my belt this general election, I have been able to witness rallies from Marion to Toledo to the historic West Chester rally Friday night, I’ve talked extensively with soft-money groups here about their operations and have been to polling stations, all to get a […]