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Jay-Z Brags About "Anniversary" Trip to Cuba in New Song

If you remember, last week Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba for their 5th wedding anniversary. Today Jay-Z released a song, titled “Open Letter,” which refers to that trip and how the “Boy from the hood… got White House clearance.” A few other key lyrics include lines, “I turned Havana into Atlanta… Boy from the hood/ I got White House clearance… Obama said, ‘Chill you gonna get me […]

Lil Poopy Makes A Splash

As if choosing the worst stage name of all time wasn’t bad enough, 9-year old rapper “Lil Poopy” and his family have found themselves in hot water with local child authorities. The father of the star of “Coke Ain’t a Bad Work”  is now under investigation by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families after receiving tips from local residents who were concerned for the boy’s welfare.  Concerns were raised following […]