99 Problems, and a Glitch IS One

As part of the Affordable Care Act, was supposed to help Americans shop for cheaper health insurance.  But in its first day live, the site is rife with problems.  MSNBC’s Mara Shiavocampo tried to show her viewers how the site worked - but it didn’t, and she gave up:

She isn’t alone.  Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner found himself working in circles when he tried to sign up.  The glitches have created issues for live counselors who were supposed to shepherd people through the process.  Access to state exchanges was spotty and inconsistent.

The President has acknowledged the rough start, asking for the same understanding extended to Apple during the recent launch of iOS 7.



  1. October 1, 2013  7:39 pm by thatmrgguy Reply

    Figure the's run by the government.

  2. October 4, 2013  2:36 am by lukechung Reply

    It was created by people who don't seem to have ever deployed a commercial database website before. Here's a technical, non-political assessment that reveals much deeper issues than too many people trying to use it: complete with screenshots of several crashes, and why this won't be fixed with some tweaks and more hardware.

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