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Sports After Boston: Upcoming Events to Carry on Amid Heightened Security

  After the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday, administrators across the country are taking measures to heighten security at their own sporting events. Added police presence and bomb-sniffing dogs have been seen at sports venues, and officials assure their fans that they are taking all available precautions. The MLB and NBA issued statements on their security measures in recent days and continue to work with local authorities [...]

FAIL: Obama's Trip To Israel Keeps Getting Worse

First, President Obama’s limo, known as “The Beast,” broke down when it was filled with gasoline instead of diesel. Silly Israelis. But what do you expect from the only Middle Easterns who just don’t “get” oil? Now, they don’t even want his tree: The tree brought as a gift to Israel by Obama, and planted earlier on Wednesday, is now said to have been dug up. The Times of Israel [...]

'SWATting' Targets Tech Writer

Online security reporter Brian Krebs published an article Wednesday about “a Web site that sells access to consumer credit reports for $15 per report,” perhaps illegally. His popular Krebs on Security site was then targeted by hackers and … On Thursday, he became one of the first journalists to be on the receiving end of a vicious hoax that prompted a raid on his Northern Virginia home by a swarm [...]