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War Talk: Syria Warns Israel 'Will Suffer' After Air Strikes

Israel’s air strikes against targets in Syria this weekend may signal the beginning of wider Israeli involvement in the two-year-old civil war that Syrian rebels have waged against the Assad regime. A Syrian official warned Sunday that Israel “will suffer” in retaliation for attacks that apparently targeted weapons shipments and a military research facility near Damascus. “When they attack, this is a declaration of war,” Syria’s deputy foreign minister told […]

Family of Missing U.S. Journalist Believes He's Being Held Captive in Syria

The family of missing U.S. journalist James Foley released a statement Friday claiming “with a very high degree of confidence” that he was being held in a Syrian prison. Foley, 39, was last seen late November in northwest Syria, where he was contributing videos to Agence France-Presse for the media company GlobalPost. GlobalPost CEO Philip Balboni confirmed that both the company and the family have been in touch with the […]

Israel Fires Back on Syria, Blames Assad Regime

Yesterday we reported at ViralRead that Isreali soliders have been fired upon by Syrian forces, injuring two Israeli soldiers. In response, Israel has fired guided missiles into Syria, destroying a military post. “We take the firing at IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] forces in Israeli territory very seriously,” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon announced. It remains unclear whether the weekend’s shots were targeting Israel or spillover from the Syrian civil war. […]

REPORT: Syria's Assad Shot By Bodyguard! (UPDATE!)

Gateway Pundit has a feed going on his site reporting live that Syria’s Leader Bashar Al-Assad has indeed been shot by his own bodyguard. He is reporting the various news agencies in the region who are reporting the different aspects of this story. While we can’t independently verify, it appears that Assad’s Bodyguard has shot him. Israeli News One is reporting that the leader is indeed dead, however this is […]

Breaking: Israel Fires on Syria

Reuters is reporting that Israel has fired upon and destroyed a machine gun position in the Golan Heights. It is unclear at this moment whether this is merely spillover from the Syrian civil war or whether this is a new front opening for Israel in the middle east. Israeli Spokesman Ofir Gendelman stated on his Twitter page, Israeli forces “destroyed a Syrian machine gun nest that fired twice in the last […]

U.S. Embassy in Turkey Attacked

The AP is reporting 2 dead after what appears to be a suicide bomber attack at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This marks the second U.S. Embassy attack in less than 6 months. On September 11, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Libya was attacked, leaving 4 Americans dead. The attack, adds to an already tense situation in the Middle East. As conditions continue to deteriorate in Syria, Turkey has […]