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Chicago Spends Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Street Sculptures

A newly unveiled light sculpture on Chicago’s South Loop reportedly cost taxpayers $3.4 million. That’s enough for 78 new police officers, 29 new ambulances, or the ability to fill  282,333 potholes. Instead, government officials decided what the city really needed was a line of eight light-up glass tubes on the side of a road. A local CBS news affiliate took to the streets to see how the people funding this […]

Obama Budget Brings Grover Norquist and Sen. Bernie Sanders Together, Wait What?

It’s not everyday you see Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) opposing the same policy. But President Obama’s budget has done just that. Both Norquist and Sanders have issues with the proposed change to a chained CPI. This change would reduce federal payments to beneficiaries including veterans and those who collect Social Security. It would also cause the rare phenomenon of an “tax bracket creep“. Sanders, who is […]

Marco Rubio: Obama Budget 'Blueprint for a Recession'

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio slammed President Obama’s $3.8-trillion budget plan Wednesday as filled with “recycled liberal ideas,” saying the proposal is “useless” because it was delivered two months late. “President Obama’s budget is a blueprint for a recession,” said Rubio, who is widely viewed as a leading hopeful for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. “Filled to the brim with middle class tax hikes and debt spending, the recycled liberal ideas […]

President Obama Issues $3.8-Trillion Spending Plan, Adds $580 Billion in Tax Increases and 'Buffet Rule'

President Obama’s published his new budget plan Wednesday, proposing higher taxes on upper-income households as well as changes to the Social Security and Medicare programs. Republicans in Congress immediately pronounced the plan “dead on arrival” on Capitol Hill, but there was also sharp criticism of the budget from many of the president’s own political allies. Obama’s plan would increase taxes by limiting deductions for the top 2 percent of family incomes, a measure the White House said would […]

Taxman Tackles Highest Paid Football Player

After signing a six-year, $108 million extension with the Cowboys, Tony Romo became the fifth highest paid player in the NFL. That is until you figure in one very important fact: Tony plays for the Dallas Cowboys. And in Texas, there’s no state tax. So when you factor in income after taxes, Tony leapfrogs over Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Joe Flacco to be the highest paid player […]