Late Debate Releases Video in Response to “Unfair” White Guilt Ad Campaign

In response to the University of Minnesota - Duluth’s “Unfair” ad campaign showcasing the ills of “white guilt,” Late Debate released this video highlighting the importance of judging individuals on the content of character over the content of skin color:

Campus Reform covered the the original story:

The University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve “racial justice” by raising awareness of “white privilege.”

The project disseminates its message, that “society was setup for us [whites]” and as such is “unfair,” through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed “privilege” that comes along with their fair features.

You can watch the “Unfair” ad campaign below:

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