A Letter from Aaron Walker to the National Bloggers Club

The following letter was sent by Aaron Walker to the National Bloggers Club:


For over a year, convicted domestic terrorist turned left-wing activist Brett Kimberlin and his allies have been in a battle to suppress freedom to blog.  In just my experience alone, he had gotten my wife and I fired from our jobs, has attempted to get us killed, he has attempted to frame me for a crime, he has filed abusive peace orders to silence me and had me arrested on false charges that I violated one of those peace orders, all in retaliation for writing the truth about him on my blog and in other forums.

It’s not just me. Brett Kimberlin and his anonymous harassing sympathizers have attacked others too, including Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, Robert McCain, Ali A. Akbar, Brandon Darby and many others.

I’m proud to report that thanks to the support from the National Bloggers Club and you, we saw a VICTORY in that struggle yesterday.  Funds generated from the Kimberlin Files initiative allowed me and my wife to successfully appeal and expose Brett Kimberlin.

But there is a danger of that victory being hollow.

When Brett Kimberlin threatened to sue Patrick Frey for defaming him by accurately describing his deplorable criminal record, he declared that “I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money[.]”  His goal is to either successfully silence you, or leave you impoverished as indicated yesterday by an ally of Kimberlin’s, bragging to me that “[b]y the time this is all said and done, you’ll probably be homeless on the streets.”

He won’t stop coming after us — after free speech.

I want to thank the National Blogger’s Club, its supporters, donors and readers, for being there for me, both morally and financially.  So far I have had to spend thousands and thousands of dollars defending against Kimberlin’s abuse of the legal system at a time when I am unemployed.  But you have continued to stand with me.  The Kimberlin Files fund has helped many of the victims, granting me $5,000 so far.  The Bloggers Club has been helpful in a variety of other ways too, from public relations, late night phone calls, heck, Ali was even on the phone with the court and three different bondsmen just 30 minutes after my illegitimate arrest.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for that help and your continued support.  This isn’t our last chapter together in this saga.

Yours in Freedom,

Aaron “Worthing” Walker
Member, National Bloggers Club (and a proud one too!)

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