Barbara Comstock Responds to Soledad O’Brien

We broke news yesterday and it went viral, making its way into Virginia House of Delegates member and Republican strategist Barbara Comstock‘s email inbox.

She was shocked to learn the news that CNN’s Soledad O’Brien was reading an email sent to her which included talking points and a blog post from the liberal, Talking Points Memo.

Here’s what she just posted on her Facebook fanpage:

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Soledad O’Brien was reading straight from liberal talking points ON AIR during an interview I did last night with her. Of course she didn’t read this op-ed where liberal Senator Ron Wyde (Dem from Oregon) defended the Ryan-Wyden Medicare plan — he actually called it the WYDEN-RYAN plan! Read about it here:

Soledad O’Brien has had well over 2000 tweets sent to her by Twitter users, but has yet to address the issue publicly as of yet.

We spoke briefly with Comstock who noted that she mentioned ViralRead this morning on her radio appearances.


You can tweet: “Will @Soledad_OBrien respond to @BarbaraComstock? h/t @viralread | .”


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