Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Looking forward to the big game on Sunday. Here are some of our favorites over the years…

10. Apple: 1984

Worth it just for the trip down memory lane and for appreciating my iPhone even more.

9. McDonalds: Jordan v. Bird

Bringing “nothing but net” to the mainstream of America. Classic.

8. Reebok: Terry Tate- Office Linebacker

Testosterone filled awesomeness. Like Ray Lewis visits Office Space.

7. Coke: Mean Joe Green

Why include it? Because it’s iconic. That’s why…and I am all about enlightening culture.

6. Budweiser: Frogs

Bud-****-Errrr You all know that in your mind you heard the Weis. And that is why it’s on the list.

5. Budweiser: Horses-Replay

Horses play football too…and apparently replacement refs…

4. Budweiser: Wasssup!

To this day, there are still people that answer the phone that way…thank you Budweiser. True.

3. Budweiser: Donkey

Admit it. You pulled for the little guy. Fun fact, a donkey actually toured with the team for the next year…

2. Snickers: Betty White

Violence is always funny… Pummeling an octogenarian? Priceless.

1. Diet Pepsi: Ray Charles

You got the right one baby! Uh-Huh

So, what did we miss? What makes your top ten?

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