What #SarahPalinDoes: Inspire Rage from Left

Just 3 hours after ViralRead’s Publisher @ali tweeted, “Tucker says he’s not clear what Sarah Palin does. Help him out with #SarahPalinDoes … we’ll assemble the best over at @ViralRead! Go!” well over 2000 tweets have entered the Twitterverse.

We were going to wait to follow up tomorrow morning, however since we posted the original story of #SarahPalinDoes some vicious micro-bloggers decided to weigh in (WARNING: Strong Language):


Continue to Scroll for Really Vile Tweets (NSFW):


Assume there will be more tomorrow… yikes. Wonder what Tucker Carlson thinks…

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  1. March 19, 2013  2:21 am by Adjoran Reply

    It occurs to me that the usual taunt of "Stay classy" is inappropriate, since most of these leftist low-lifes never were.

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