Jesse Jackson calls Detroit a “Plantationocracy”

Jesse Jackson
Detroit’s had more than its fair share of troubles as have been well documented over the past decades. Its financial distress finally culminated in Michigan governor Rick Snyder appointing Kevyn Orr as Emergency Financial Manager of the city. Orr is a bankruptcy specialist and attorney from New York who was involved in the managed bankruptcy of Chrysler in 2009.

Quite predictably, this decision has evoked rage amongst civil rights leaders throughout the nation. Scattered protests have disrupted life for the citizens of Detroit since the announcement. Most notably, Reverend Jesse Jackson has vowed to fight the appointment in court. This morning, on WJR-AM Detroit, host Paul W. Smith asked Jackson to join him in praying for a successful resolution to Detroit’s financial woes. The Reverend declined such an invitation.

Rather, Reverend Jackson called attention to the activities of well known Detroit businessmen, accusing them of buying vast amounts of land at cut rate prices and creating a “Platationocracy”.


Audio courtesy of WJR Detroit

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