Gang of Eight Senators Witness Border Crossing in Arizona

Half the members of the “Gang of Eight”- a bipartisan group of senators tapped to create an immigration bill- caught quite the show today while touring the border between Arizona and Mexico. In one of the best examples of bad timing ever, a woman scaled an 18-foot bollard fence as she attempted to enter the United States illegally…just as John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bennet, and Jeff Flake were walking by.

“[This] incident is another reminder that threats to our border security are real,” McCain tweeted after confirming that Border Patrol had successfully apprehended the woman.

The motley crew couldn’t have planned a more demonstrative moment. Though their comprehensive immigration overhaul will likely be in the works for the next few weeks, this tour marks a symbolic step in the process of putting over 11 million illegal immigrants on a potential path to citizenship.

Nogales, AZ- the scene of today’s episode- has been a problem spot for border officials because tougher controls in nearby cities like San Diego and El Paso funnel immigrants into the area. According to a February Government Accountability Office report, this sector posted the highest number of apprehensions and drug seizures of all nine border sectors in 2011.

Whether border hawk McCain will use this incident as fodder in his campaign to tighten immigration measures remains to be seen.

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  1. April 12, 2013  10:39 am by Richnjsouth Reply

    When these politicians view the border and witness illegals running through.......I guess it doesnt impress them that this is a daily occurance and you can put a price tag on each one. Especially people like McCain that come from a border state to continually dance around the issue, make excuses and try to "compromise" away the fact that illegals are criminals.....for which we have laws on the books. This constant ranting about "comprehensive immigration reform" is an insult, a diversion and a cop out based on the fact that since 1986......the amnesty and open border policy was a failure and now leads to a voting issue to these politicians who fear the huge "latino" population will vote them out if they do not appease the issue. For the rest of's a slap in the face with future crime, costs and denigration of our society. They need to stop feeding the publlic this crap about "hard working" Mexicans and they just want a better life.....blah, blah. Most of that is b.s. as we see high crime rates, drug dealing, gangs spreading throughout the nation. These politicians have abrogated their responsibilities and are collaborators with criminals essentially. They cannot keep relying on their past to carry them now. Enforce the law, stop making excuses. You are destroying the country and loading it up with people that we neither need, can afford and who offer nothing to the improvement of our economic or jobs situtation. They are a net burden to a nation that has no demand for massive low end labor. Huge farms are harvested with machinery, factories have closed down, moved out, so the demand for grass cutting, pool cleaning and car washes are not vital or measurable as "job growth".

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