Gizoogle Tranzizzle is the Shizzle

Have you ever wanted to sound hip? Ever want to sound like Snoop Dog, or whatever he calls himself now.

Well now you can? Gizoogle can do it for you.

You can go and Tranzizzle anything you want. Here is an example of this post so far:

Have you eva wanted ta sound hip, biatch? Ever wanna sound like Snoop Dawg, or whatever his schmoooove ass calls his dirty ass now, nahmeean?

Well now you can?

Gizoogle can do it fo’ you

Yo ass can go n’ Tranzizzle anythang you want

You can also Tranzizzle entire websites. Here you can find the Tranzizzle of ViralRead.

Have funk folks.  Humor is phat fo’ yo thugged-out ass.