MTV Cancels ‘Buckwild’

MTV has always been a leader of exploitative and controversial reality series starting as early as The Real World in 1992. Their latest venture, Buckwildwas just cancelled in light of the recent death of a cast member.

Shain Gandee. Source: MTV

Shain Gandee. Source: MTV

Shain Gandee was found dead last week due to carbon monoxide poisoning after his car’s tailpipe was clogged while “mudding.” Fellow cast member Salwa Amin was recently arrested for drug possession and returned to jail after violating her terms of release.

'Buckwild' cast members mudding. Source: MTV

‘Buckwild’ cast members mudding. Source: MTV

Producer J.P. Williams is planning to fight the cancellation so that they may finish filming season 2. Williams also says he’d like to make the series into a movie.

Do you think these types of shows promote and glorify this reckless behavior, or are they just capturing what would be happening regardless? Should MTV cancel the series or let filming continue? Leave your thoughts below!

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