Kevin Kolb Wants to Win a Superbowl, Joins Buffalo Bills For Some Reason

Kevin Kolb apparently sat down and thought about what team he could join that gave him the best chance to win a Superbowl and came up with (drumroll please…) the Buffalo Bills!

Someone check that dude for concussions, he thinks it’s the early 90′s.


Kevin Kolb officially signed with the Buffalo Bills on Monday and has lofty expectations for what he believes he can accomplish with the team.

“I’m here to win the Super Bowl. Period,” Kolb said Monday at a news conference.

He said winning was the biggest factor in his decision to sign with the Bills.

“For me it was just straight, ‘Hey, how can I go win, how can I go be successful,’” he said.

The Bills however, have the longest active postseason drought in the NFL at 13 consecutive seasons. Buffalo finished 6-10 in 2012, its eighth straight losing season.

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