UPDATE: ‘We Will Go to the Ends of the Earth’ to Solve Boston Marathon Bombing, FBI Agent Says; UPDATE: ‘Blood All Over’ at Bombing Scene

The manhunt for the perpetrator of Monday’s attack on the Boston Marathon moved rapidly, as federal authorities took charge of the investigation and searched the suburban apartment of a young Saudi student whom officials would not describe as a “suspect” in the crime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were among the agencies involved in the search of an apartment in Revere, Massachusetts, just north of Boston.

That search appeared to be connected to a 20-year-old from Saudi Arabia, reportedly in the United States on a student visa, who was hospitalized with injuries after two blasts ripped into the crowd on Boylston Street near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon. The attack killed three people and injured more than 150.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval  Patrick announced at a press conference Monday  evening that the FBI had taken charge of the investigation, with the bureau’s Boston-based Special Agent in Charge Richard “Rick” Deslauriers leading the federal, state and local law enforcement efforts to find who committed the bombing and why. Deslauriers said it was “a criminal investigation that is a potential terrorist investigation.” President Barack Obama vowed Monday, “We will find who did this, and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

A press conference is scheduled at 9:30 a.m.

UPDATE: The New York Times reports, “Officials stressed that they had no suspects in the attack. The Saudi man, who was interviewed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, had been seen running from the scene of the first explosion, a person briefed on preliminary developments in the investigation said on Monday afternoon. A law enforcement official said later Monday that the man, was in the United States on a student visa and came under scrutiny because of his injuries, his proximity to the blasts and his nationality.”

ViralRead staff will be liveblogging the press conference and further developments below.

UPDATE II: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick clarified during the press conference that investigators had found no unexploded bombs, contradicting earlier media reports.

The FBI’s Richard Deslauriers, who is heading up the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) investigating the bombing, refused to comment on any possible suspects in the attack, but said no one had yet been arrested. Deslauriers confirmed that federal immigration officials are a “key component” of the JTTF, and said that the investigation of the bombing  could be worldwide.

“We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime, and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice,” Deslauriers said during the press conference at the Westin Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said that the site of the attack on Boylston Street is “the most complex crime scene in our history.” Davis, Deslauriers, Patrick and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz all appealed to the public to provide their videos or photos taken in the area Monday as possible evidence in the investigation.

Boston District Attorney Daniel Conley called the bombings “an act of cowardice.” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino promised to “make sure the city pulls together” after the attack.

“This is a tragedy, but Boston is a strong city,” Menino said.

UPDATE III: Late Monday, law enforcement authorities with the JTTF searched an apartment complex at 364 Ocean Avenue in Revere, Mass., interrogating a Saudi man there, the New York Daily News reported:

The investigators in Revere spent five hours asking Mohammud Hassan Bada, 20, about his roommate, who is 22 and a native of Saudi Arabia.
Bada told the Daily News he has not seen his friend since before the Monday afternoon blast that killed three and injured 176 on Patriots’ Day in Boston. Seventeen of the wounded were in critical condition.
“I don’t know where he is,” said Bada, who moved in with his roomie late last year. “He is sweet and kind and a good person.”
Among the dead was an 8-year-old, Martin Richard, whose mother and sister were severely injured in the afternoon blast. Denise Richard suffered a brain injury and his younger sibling lost a leg in the blast.

UPDATE IV: The Boston Globe‘s Steven A. Rosenberg reports:

The roommate described the man as a devout Muslim who is 20 years old and a fan of soccer. He said the man is from the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.
The man is in Boston attending an English language school in greater Boston, the roommate said, who added that he last saw him on Sunday. . . .
The Saudi Arabian man is at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, apparently being treated for injuries following the double bombing at the finish line on Boylston Street Monday afternoon.

Experts interviewed by U.S. News & World Report said the devices likely used black powder or gunpowder, rather than C-4 or other explosives. Reuters news agency reported that the bombs ”were packed with ball bearings to maximize casualties.” Several victims suffered “traumatic amputations” and 17 of the victims being treated at area hospitals were reported in critical condition Tuesday morning.

UPDATE V: The London Daily Mail featured photos of the blood-spattered scene on Boylston Street in its account of the Boston bombing:

‘In 28 years, this is definitely the worst I’ve seen,’ Boston Fire Department District Chief Ron Harrington told NBC News.
‘Bodies and body parts. Blood all over. A little boy lying in the street. A young woman in her twenties. Both dead. It was mayhem. I saw two people with arms hanging loose, and one without a leg.
‘A shoe with flesh still in it.’

UPDATE VI: A source familiar with the investigation told Eileen Sullivan of the Associated Press “the explosives were in 6-liter pressure cookers and placed in black duffel bags” which were “placed on the ground and contained shards of metal, nails and ball bearings.”

UPDATE VII: At afternoon press conference, FBI declares investigation “wide open.”



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Press conference over. Thanks for tuning in with us at ViralRead.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:11 am

Mayor tells reporter he’s recovering from his surgery well enough…

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:10 am

Boston Mayor: “We need the cooperation from the public.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:09 am

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:09 am

FBI doesn’t want to get specific about leads. ‘Interviewing many witnesses…’

“I was not aware of any threat information prior to the marathon.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:08 am

FBI: “We’re using the full resources of the FBI… fullest worldwide extent.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:06 am

Robert Stacy McCain April 16, 201310:06 am

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:05 am

Two E.O.D. sweeps before the marathon. One was done in the morning, one a couple hours before the race.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:03 am

FBI/JTTF official is very familiar with the members of the press. Addressing them by first name. Effective.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:02 am

‘Processing a lot of digital photographs and material right now’

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:02 am

FBI: “Not going to say who or who may not be in custody right now.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:01 am

‘Can’t comment on the nature of the device’

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 201310:00 am

It’s clear to me that everyone is cooperating with each other. This is the American system. Solid stuff.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:59 am

“Evidence is recovered with the greatest care.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:58 am

Law enforcement agencies want the public to submit as many photographs and videos as the public has.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:57 am

State Police

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:55 am

Boston Police Commissioner:
“Dealing with the most complex crime scene we’ve dealt with in the history of the department… under the direction of the FBI, in partnership with the ATF.”

Reduced crime scene from 15 blocks yesterday to 12 blocks. Crime scene processing — 2 more days (at least).

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:54 am

Attorney General Eric Holder has pledged resources to “help Boston recover from yesterday.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:53 am

U.S. Attorney office: “Active and ongoing investigation.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:53 am

U.S. Attorney conveys condolences.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:51 am

ATF has 30 specialists on the ground.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:50 am

FBI/JTTF following up on leads. Informs public that FBI will have a large presence in the greater Boston area.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:49 am

FBI: We are bringing additional victim response resources…

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:49 am

“Everything possible to get those answers.”

“There are no known additional threats.”
‘We commend the citizens of Boston for the information they’ve provided.’

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:47 am

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) talking about President Obama’s role in all this. “He called us, we didn’t have to call him.”

“As the Mayor says, ‘Boston will survive.’

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:46 am

Mayor gives out hotline numbers. Says he hasn’t in the 20 years he’s served as Mayor seen law enforcement pull together like this. His theme today focused on neighborly love and close-knit community.

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:45 am

Mayor: “We grieve for the little boy we knew from Dorchester.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:44 am

‘Support center was opened yesterday.’

Mayor has provided staff. Open 9 to 5pm. “Everyone should continue to expect heighten police presence.”

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:43 am

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:42 am

“FBI has taken charge of the investigation.”

“Two explosives were found yesterday and only two.”

Robert Stacy McCain April 16, 20139:41 am

Ali A. Akbar April 16, 20139:41 am

Gov. Patrick says “act of terror…”

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2 min warning…

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Mic-check and prepping the press.

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Presser about to start.

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