Photos of Free Agent Kerry Rhodes Stoke Gay NFL Player Fire

And the rumor mill swirls on (with ViralRead here to shamelessly contribute) ever since the Baltimore Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo suggested that as many as 4 gay NFL players may all come out on the same day. has published a collection of photos of NFL unsigned free agent Kerry Rhodes in various stages of comfy cozy with his ex-assistant Russell “Hollywood” Jackson, suggesting the two had a romantic relationship.


Now we at ViralRead have no idea if Kerry Rhodes is gay, and we very likely won’t spare another thought as to whether or not Kerry Rhodes is gay until we have another “Who in the NFL is Gay?” story deadline to meet. But we will offer this on the subject. Yesterday Kerry Rhodes tweeted out a photo of himself at the Lakers game with smokin’ hot Dancing With the Stars’ Katrina Smirnoff. Instant straight street cred right?

Except he wore THIS bedazzled, sleeveless denim vest:


We’re just saying.

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