Revenge of the Nerds: “Big Bang…” Beats “American Idol”

Once the most successful show on television, Fox Network’s American Idol is currently experiencing its worst ratings ever.

NBC’s The Voice has consistently won the key 18-49 demographic in the music competition battle this season.  And on Thursday night, Idol was dealt quite possibly its biggest blow by an unlikely foe:

Nerds Conquer Idol

RERUNS of CBS’s Big Bang Theory scored a 3.1 rating in the 8pm slot and a 3.3 in the 9pm slot in the demographic.  American Idol scored a 3.0 rating.

Many have speculated about the reasons why the once-mighty American Idol‘s ratings continue to fall, but producer Nigel Lythgoe has pulled no punches in voicing his opinion about the explanation behind the slide:

He believes the current panel of judge’s lack of chemistry has caused great harm to the Idol brand.

You mean people DON'T like listening to a constant stream of cat fights?!

You mean people DON’T like listening to a constant stream of cat fights?!


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