‘Ball Cutter’ Fish Found in Paris

We all know that there are many dangerous fish in the world. Sharks and piranhas are well-known. But have you ever heard of the Pacu? They are known as the “Ball Cutter” because they have been known to bite male’s testicles. And in some cases have bitten them completely off.

Pacu are mainly found in the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers in South America. They are also found in Papua New Guinea. They now seem to be moving into Europe.

THE Pacu, a fish dubbed the ‘ball-cutter’ because it has reportedly bitten off men’s testicles, has been found in Paris and there are fears it could be making its way to the UK.

The small piranha-like fish was found in European waters for the first time in August with experts warning men to keep their trunks on if swimming in the Øresund channel between Denmark and Sweden.

Now the pacu has been found in the River Seine, The Paris Prefecture of Police newsletter revealed on Tuesday. Although officers were skeptical of the tropical catch, its human-like teeth marked the species as the feared ‘testicle eating’ pacu.

If you go swimming in the River Seine, remember to wear a cup.



  1. September 6, 2013  1:21 am by theebl Reply

    Pacu are common aquarium fish and that is likely how the fish in the Seine ended up there. They don't do well in cold.

    While in the piraña family, they are not fierce. They are mostly vegetarian but like nuts. Hence the reputation.

  2. September 6, 2013  1:23 am by theebl Reply

    Plus in France, there are not enough balls to maintain a breeding population of pacus. Problem solved.

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