Oklahoma GOP Rep Re-Apologizes to ‘The Jews’ After ‘Jew Me Down’ Comment (VIDEO)

Oklahoma State Rep. Dennis Johnson (R-Duncan), has apologized after using the phrase “They might try to Jew me down,” and then delivering an equally distasteful on-the-fly apology, when discussing a law to prevent “Big Box”stores from offering prices so low that small businesses can’t compete.

I made an offhand reference that was inappropriate and I know that it hurt some folks. I acknowledge that. I regret that. I apologize for it. It was unintentional. It just came out of one of the wrinkles of my brain and it was not something that was intentional. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone and I apologize for the folks I did offend. It is a comment that should never be made. I will never do it again.

He was referencing customers, who “might try to Jew me down on the price. And that’s fine. You know what? That’s free market as well.” Moments later, he was pulled aside by a colleague, alerting him to his faux pas, when he said, “Sir… did I? Alright. I apologize to the Jews. They’re good small businessmen as well.”

See the exchange below.


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  1. May 1, 2013  4:34 am by David M. Kesinger Reply

    This is a common, everyday phrase, much like son-of-a-bitch or bastard is said without referring to a person's actual ancestry. If we are going to nit-pick a person's dialogue, what a sad world we have to live in. Lighten up!

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