Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard Gets Waterbombed by Topless Activists (PHOTOS)

FEMEN has struck again. Every heterosexual male’s favorite female activist troupe doffed their tops (as usual) and attacked Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, by showering him with water from Virgin Mary-shaped water bottles. The archbishop, though, one-upped the women by remaining totally still, eyes closed, and prayed for the women as they attacked.

The archbishop was debating blasphemy laws at the ULB University in Brussels, when the bare-breasted women, their chests decorated with slogans such as “Anus Dei is Coming,” “My Body My Rules” and “God Save the Gouines” (a reference to the French radical feminist lesbian movement, the Gouines Rouges, or Red Dykes) surprised the archbishop and drenched him with water.

The women were aiming their protest “against Mr. Leonard’s homophobia, but we also don’t agree with other positions, like the one on abortion,” a spokesperson said in an interview with the news service BELGA. Archbishop Leonard has said that gays should remain celibate, that homosexuality was “abnormal” and that “the promotion of homosexuality through gay prides signifies the return to Greco-Roman antiquity. To glorify homosexuality is a recession of twenty centuries.”

When the protest was over the archbishop picked up one of the Virgin Mary-shaped water bottles and kissed it… one of the more badass moves any target of a spontaneous protest has ever made.

And men around the world started brainstorming on how they could make FEMEN mad, so a protest might be aimed at them.

Update: We had to remove some of the graphic news photos.

Belgian Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium Leonard reacts after activists from women's rights group Femen sprayed water at him during a conference at Brussels university ULB

archbishop 9

archbishop 10


  1. April 26, 2013  8:50 pm by Mona Reply

    who phobic??? I would say the ones that were assaulting the father

  2. April 29, 2013  6:26 pm by ourfathersporch Reply

    Nothing makes a person uglier than hate. These are pretty ugly women. I feel sorry for them.

  3. April 30, 2013  10:07 am by sorrowful in Orlando Reply

    If I have not Love...I am just a clanging symbol and empty sound.

    ...not the view most gays would want to portray of themselves, I wouldn't think.

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