Mets Valdespin Hits Walk Off Grand Slam; Gets Slammed With Pie

The Mets may not always have much to celebrate, but when they do, they do it right. Take last night for instance. With two outs in the ninth, David Wright singled in Mike Baxter to tie the game at three. In the bottom of the tenth, Jordany Valdespin hit his first career grand slam giving the Mets an emotional 7-3 walk off win against the Dodgers.

The hardest hit of the night however, might have come from Mets catcher John Buck. While Valdespin was being interviewed post-game, Buck smacked him HARD with a pie in the face. Buck’s celebratory move more closely resembled a Mike Tyson uppercut than something out of an “I Love Lucy” episode.

With the luck of the Mets, it’s a surprise that Buck didn’t break Valdespin’s nose.

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