VIDEO: Water Polo Cheap Shot Makes Dudes in Speedos Wanna Brawl

Full-disclosure: I played water polo in high school; I have mad respect for the game. The matches are grueling, training and workouts are long and arduous, and there is no question that, even at the high school level, the strength and athleticism of water-polo players cannot be called into question.

But to the young men of the Belen Jesuit and St. Thomas Aquinas high school varsity water polo teams: I don’t care if if KG just told you your prom date tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios, you will never, ever look anything but foolish threatening to throw down while you’re wearing Spandex micro-briefs and the hydro-equivalent of an Aquabats helmet.

So don’t. Just don’t.

h/t Ken Ley, Deadspin

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