Miami vs. Chicago: A Game Tonight or Another Wrestling Match?


No matter what sport you follow, there is nothing quite like the intensity and emotion that comes with post-season play. With it all on the line, each player has to leave everything out on the court. But the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls brought intensity and emotion to a whole new level in game 2 of their best-of-7 series.

It’s one thing to play hard, it’s another thing to play rough and sloppy. After a record 6 technical fouls (and two ejections), the Chicago Bulls let Miami go on a 60-20 run and finished the game with an embarrassing 115-78 loss. Bulls player Joakim Noah simply stated, “I would call that not keeping your cool, not being very Zen.”

well duh

In the playoffs, there is no room for “losing your cool.” Even though the Heat contributed three technical fouls of their own in Wednesday’s matchup, their ability to execute in transition and their impressive 60 shooting percentage led them to an easy victory over Chicago, who only shot 36 percent from the floor. A championship team doesn’t resort to desperate tactics when the scoreboard isn’t on their side.

After Wednesday’s game, Miami looks like the team worthy of moving toward the championship. But the series is only 1-1, and tonight the Bulls have a new opportunity to show the world that they can do more than amass an unbelievable amount of technical fouls and actually play the game of basketball like they did in game 1.

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