Rush Drummer Neil Peart Most Epic Drummer of All Time? (VIDEO)

Anybody that has played the drums or has been in a band has heard of the incredible drumming ability of Neil Peart. He is the drummer to the progressive rock band Rush. To many drummers, he is a god.

He is considered to be in the top 10 of all time by Rolling Stone. And some go to see Rush live just to hear Peart’s drum solo, that have become a science to him.

Here is the set up to Neil Peart’s Drum Kit:


He has to be lowered into his kit by a crane.

Here are some videos to show the awesomeness of Neil Peart:

YYZ Exit Stage Left Solo

Buddy Rich vs Neil Peart

Drum Solo — Rush 30th Anniversary

Case closed. Neal Peart is the most epic drummer of all time.

Or is he…

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