Wayne Brady Unloads on Bill Maher Again; Wants to “Beat his a-”

Yesterday comedian and actor Wayne Brady revisited his past criticism of controversial liberal comic Bill Maher. In a Huffington Post interview with Columbia University professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Brady renewed what he called  his “fantasy” to “beat [Maher's] ass in public.” Brady’s ongoing feud with Maher — which he admits is one-sided, “Bill never responded,” Brady disclosed — stems from Maher’s past unfavorable comparisons of Brady to President Obama. ”He starts to drag me in, to use me as the cultural linchpin in his ‘not-black-enough’ argument [about Obama], that’s bull-,” Brady inveighed.

Brady and his interviewer, Hill, both argued Maher believes being a political progressive gives him a “pass.” ”As liberal as Bill is…the black dude in his mind is the stereotypical [one]” Brady fumed. “That dude exist. But that’s not the range of the black experience,” Brady pressed. He further mocked Maher’s view as, “guys that actually talk well and are black, that’s not black. I like my blacks misunderstandbles,” he parodied in faux black vernacular.

Brady also doubled-down on his previous jabs about Maher’s sex life, charging him with tawdry trysts with prostitutes as the reason Maher feels he has enough cultural cache  to judge black authenticity. Unable to help himself, Brady made the further below-the-belt quip,  ”and I’ve seen some of them, it’s questionable if they were women.” Brady also knocked Maher’s acting career, sardonically seething, ”Lord knows not everyone can pull of the brilliance that he showed in D.C. Cab,” referring to the 1983 R-rated comedy, in which Maher had a minor role, which generally receives poor reviews (See here).

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