Kim Kardashian’s Best and Worst Pregnancy Looks

You can learn from Kimmie’s pregnancy couture. Both on the positive and negative side of things. Check out all the fashion wins and fails by the knocked-up reality TV princess.

GOOD: Black lace dress she wore to the Jimmy Kimmel Live showed just enough leg and arm area. Proportion is the key here. Pullback hairstyle worked  perfectly with the outfit.

BAD: Now you know how a real human red velvet bun looks like. It’s just wrong all the way. It’s not a maternity dress by a longshot.

GOOD: You go mama! Loose, breathable fabrics in pastel colors. This classic and chic style is what she should be wearing all the way to the delivery room.

BAD: Pregnant women should not wear tight clothes. Period. Kim’s body shape totally disappeared here. Also, this dress is not fashionable at all. Burn it if it’s in your closet!

GOOD: Love the look! She wore her belly well in basic color and simple design. The necklace, the hair, the makeup. Perfection.

BAD: ‘Oh, so this is where Great Aunt Phylis’ ottoman went!’ No comment.

GOOD: Cuteness! The future mom looks adorable in this dusty rose ensemble. Great dress shape to hide the growing belly.

BAD:  This top would only work as a dress. Loose the pants Kimmie!

GOOD: Airport realness with mama Kardashian. Great choice. Loose top, simple denim, flats. It all comes together. You can’t help but noticing how nice it looks on her.

BAD: Ok, gurl. You’re promoting your Kollection, so you had to wear something from it. Unfortunatly, you ain’t selling no maternity couture. The dress kind of looks like a sock or sth. No good fashion here.

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